OT: icon problem

This is not a Balsa issue, but probably some underlying gtk icon issue. The icons for adjusting the relative position of panes GtkPaned ?) have the vertical and horizontal icons swapped. For example, I use the default layout with preview pane. If I try to adjust the relative height of the message list and preview pane, the icon for grabbing the separator is two vertical bars with arrows to the right and left. If I try to adjust the relative size of the mailbox list (left) and the message list and preview pane (right) the icon is two horizontal bars and arrows pointing up and down. I see the same problem in the gentoo file browser (application by that name, having nothing to do with the Gentoo distro.) I've hunted through every gtk3 them and icon I can find, and cannot find those icons. Does anyone know where they come from? Are they build into gtk3? It's not really imporant, but it's starting to drive me crazy that I can't find where they are coming from.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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