Re: Geometry creep

Hi Peter:

Am 24.05.17 03:12 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
On my cramped laptop, I usually maximize Balsa, and recently I've noticed "geometry creep": the mailbox list 
on the left and the message list above the message preview grow by a few pixels from time to time.

Ha!  On 22 June 2016, I submitted a patch for the opposite effect, i.e. these two areas were /shrinking/ 
after each re-start of Balsa.  The patch (using an idle callback) fixed the issue for me.  However, I do not 
use Balsa in maximised window mode.  Or the idle callback kicks in too fast.

Balsa saves the geometry at the end of each session, and restores it at the start of a new one, but then Gtk 
sometimes changes it a couple of times at startup--I can't figure out why or how, nor when it started.

I also never found out why this behaviour occurs...

Waiting for a second before restoring the geometry seems to avoid the problem, but of course leads to a 
visible adjustment immediately after the main window appears. To my mind it's a reasonable price to pay for a 
stable geometry, but that's a personal evaluation.

The fix has been pushed to the master branch, so as always all feedback is welcome!

I closed and re-opened Balsa several times using the latest git version, and the geometry is kept as it 
should be...  So your patch works for me!


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