Multiple SMTP connections in parallel

Hi all,

I am currently implementing the "automatic queue transmission after timeout" feature which has been discussed 
recently here.

This is simple if there is only /one/ smtp server.  But it gets difficult if the user has more than one 
server, probably with different responsiveness.  E.g. I send to one ISP via a local Postfix (fast and always 
reachable, let Postfix deal with any network issues), and to an other ISP directly (sometimes slow and 

Of course only /one/ simultaneous connection shall be open to a specific server.  But while the send process 
to one (possibly slow) server is running in a separate thread, there is IMO no good reason why the send 
process to an other (faster?) server should be delayed until the slow one is ready.

The difficult part is how this should be displayed to the user.  The present implementation has a dialogue 
which receives the progress information via IPC.  This is not feasible if multiple threads would feed their 
information into it, as each one would overwrite the information from the others.

I think the only usable solution would be either a separate dialogue for each SMTP server, or a single 
dialogue which dynamically adds and removes a section consisting of a label and a progress bar for each 

A different situation occurs if the transmission is initiated in background by the timeout handler.  IMO, in 
this case no dialogue should be shown.  Instead, I think a notification (of level 
LIBBALSA_INFORMATION_MESSAGE) when the transmission is started and when it has been finished, either with 
success or with an error, should be shown.

What do you think?


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