Re: Transient SMTP errors

Hi John Jack:

Please excuse my late reply, I've been away from my development system for a few days...

Am 07.06.17 14:39 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
Here is my proposal for the queue button. It is derived from the Tango icons.

Looks nice to me!  However, we would need it in 24x24 pixels, as in the images/24x24 subfolder of the Balsa 
source tree... :-/  The patch for adding it to the tool bar is trivial, btw.

I noticed that the Oxygen icon theme actually /does/ contain a "mail-queue" icon (see attached), but I prefer 
the Tango icon set as you do.

However, adding custom icons to Balsa seems to be sub-optimal, as if the user chooses a different icon theme, 
the display will end up in a wild any typically ugly looking mixture of different styles.  Does anyone know 
about a standard set of icons every icon theme should support?  If possible Balsa should then use the 
standard icons, and only fall back to the custom ones if the icon theme doesn't support it.  Is that 
possible?  What do you think?


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