Re: Preparing for Gtk+ version 4

Hi Albrecht,

On 1/20/2017 3:55 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Jack:

Am 20.01.17 02:37 schrieb(en) Jack:
It's not the gpgme version, it's the patch to use gpgme 1.8 without needing gpgmepp. If I can't make that case in a reasonably short time, I'll just pull my request to add the patch, which just means that balsa will still also require gpgmepp (or is it gpgme++? I get so confused on those details :-) ).

Strange.  Balsa doesn't need gpgmepp (actually the c++ bindings).
Well, I did say I was confused, didn't I? :-) It's not about the c++ binding, it's about threading. gpgme 1.8 is thread safe, but prior versions (unless I'm off by one) were not, so there was a necessary call to a thread related function in a different library, and the build system calls to assure that was present should no longer be present if gpgme is 1.8. (If that doesn't explain it, I'll have to go back and find the messages which described my build/run failure, and the patch Peter provided to fix it.)

I may well be wrong about it being gpgmepp specifically, but it was some library which supported use of threads with gpgme. Sorry for not having the correct terminology.


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