Re: [RFC/Proposal] Replacing libesmtp in Balsa

Hi Peter:

Am 20.01.17 00:56 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
That's huge! The library would bring Balsa up to date with security developments, and open the way to keeping 
it that way.

This is definitely something we should implement in master, and get into a new release as soon as it's been 
tested. Please send in patches whenever you're ready to install them.

Thanks a lot for your reply, and for supporting my idea!

As I mentioned, there are a few things which I have to fix regarding the password query and cert check, as to 
make it suitable for human consumption.  I think I can postpone x509 user-certificate based authentication - 
or does anyone use it with the current implementation?

Please give me an other week or two...

Thanks again,

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