Re: POP3 woes

Hi Albrecht:

On 02/10/2017 03:13:22 PM Fri, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Peter:

Am 10.02.17 18:43 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
So I'm guessing it's an incorrect implementation of pipelining in that "IMPLEMENTATION jpop-0.1" server.

The version number does not inspire confidence...

Yeah, right?

Anyway, I wonder if pipelining is a really required feature?  My assumption is that the communication speed 
is basically limited by the network bandwidth, and thus the gain introduced by it is somewhat limited.  As 
Balsa is running multithreaded, I guess the user won't even notice if we disable it completely.

Or am I completely wrong here?

A high-latency connection would suffer--think satellite. On near-broadband, I can see a momentary pause between 
messages while the "RETR nn" command is sent, but I'd guess it's at the millisecond level. So, I feel that 
it's worth keeping pipeline capability, but we definitely need a fix for this broken server.

It's actually quite easy to fix for this particular server: the IMPLEMENTATION is part of the CAPA response, 
so we can easily detect that we're talking to jpop-0.1 and ignore its PIPELINING capability. If other servers 
had the same problem, we could install a blacklist, but at this point it would have only a single entry, so 
hard-coding seems adequate. I'm thinking of adding PopHandle::does_not_pipe.

One alternative would be to add an "Enable pipelining" checkbox to the SMTP server dialog, but its purpose 
would be obscure, and it's not clear how a user would know to disable it, so I'm inclined against that solution.



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