Re: Server does not support STARTTLS

Hi Helmut:

Am 11.02.17 16:46 schrieb(en) Helmut Jarausch:
having used the GIT version of Balsa for a long time, I now had to step down to version 2.5.3 because I 
couldn't send any email any more.
I always got the error message "server doesn't support STARTTLS" (or similar).
Is there any configuration option to disable STARTTLS?

This is probably caused by a recent big change I submitted, eliminating the dependency against the (apparently dead) 
libesmtp library [1].  As I re-arranged the security options, any smtp setting now defaults to "starttls" [2] 
which is fine for most ISP connections, but not required you you run a MTA (like postfix) locally.

To change it, from the menu select "Balsa" → "Preferences", and in the dialogue "Mail options".  Then, in the "Outgoing mail servers" 
section choose the broken server and click "Modify".  As option for "Security" select "None".

NB:  You should choose this option *only* if you connect to localhost or through a properly secured network.  
Otherwise, an attacker might trivially sniff your authentication data!

Hope this helps,

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[2] <>

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