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On 2017.12.23 11:51, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi André:

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Good evening, Jack!

On 12/21/2017 06:26:30 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
Good evening,

I've got quite a number of remote email servers set, but sometimes, such as when adding a new one or testing because of problems with one, I need to repeatedly try fetching.  The is currently a nuisance, because Balsa has to cycle through the entire list every time, and even worse, I currently have one server (Yahoo, of course) which times out more often than not, at 30 seconds a pop (no pun intended).
Maybe do what Mozilla (Thunderbird or Seamonkey-mail) does :
A button which opens a list, with option of checking all sources, or each source individually. Really handy if expecting an email from a particular source, as well as for testing. (Thunderbird replicates it in the page for each source, Seamonkey in a common area. Either way, checking any - or all - sources is always available.)

That's possible! The "File => Get new mail" item and the associated "Check" toolbar button could pop up a dialog when multiple POP servers are configured, with a button for "Check all servers" and a list of servers for single-click checking of just one.

It *could* also have a check-box for each server, showing whether it is currently enabled for new-mail-checking, and perhaps another button for "Check all enabled servers". But perhaps with this fine-grained control over checking, the whole enabling mechanism could be scrapped.


I think it depends on the use case. Personally, I either want to fetch from all or just one specific server. However, if someone had a server they only wanted to fetch from infrequently, then having the default of excluding that one is still useful. I'm thinking that for the default case (whatever that is for any individual) the system should require the fewest clicks. So - the toolbar "fetch" or "exchange" buttons would fetch from all enabled servers. The menu item to fetch would pop up the list, with check boxes in the default state, so you could easily add an unchecked one or uncheck another. A further thought here is whether or not changing one of the checkboxes should change the default state for that server or not. Having "check all" and "uncheck all" buttons is good, but it might also be useful (as long as not too hard to implement, and as long as it doesn't clutter the interface too badly) to have a "fetch this server" button for each server, so it's only one button click (once the popup is shown) to fetch from a single server or the default set, but not much more to add or delete one from the fetch list.

Sorry to be long-winded, but I want to be sure whatever gets implemented doesn't make things harder, or at least not for most uses.


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