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Hi Peter!

Am 24.11.16 03:15 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
An other question is why we have /three/ options for accessing IMAP in Balsa, which is extremely confusing 
1. "Remote IMAP mailbox" - which is actually only /one/ remote folder for which the path needs to be specified
2. "Remote IMAP folder" - which is the IMAP support all other MUA's provide afaict, minus the possibility to
3. "Remote IMAP subfolder"

To be honest, I never understood the use case of #1 and #3.  The standard way to access IMAP I know from 
Thunderbird, kmail and Lookout is actually limited to #2 (including the option to subscribe/unsubscribe 
folders).  In this (and *only* in this!) use case, the user can name the top-level item according to e.g. the 
provider name, and /then/ it would be possible to translate the IMAP top-level item.

Well, #1 is backward compatibility. It was the first IMAP access implemented in Balsa, so it was left in when 
folder access (#2) was added. The third option, #3, is for managing the structure of folders on the IMAP 
host. I used to use it when my IMAP account was on a Courier server, which was pretty much IMAP-compliant, 
but I haven't tried it since my campus switched to Gmail. I assume it's still useful for users with a real 
IMAP server hosting their mail.

Ah, I understand!  I didn't try imap since a long time, not sure if I have access to a server at all... (I 
use kmail w/ imap at work, but I have no access to it from home).

I'd be very happy to see #1 removed!

I agree, it's somewhat confusing...

Am 24.11.16 03:25 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
I just checked, and #3 can be used to create a subfolder below INBOX, even on Gmail. It can then be deleted 
from the folder context menu, so the user has full control over a folder hierarchy on an IMAP host.

Actually, option #3 might be moved to the context menu of an imap folder in the tree view, in order to create a 
sub-folder of exactly this selected folder.  IOW, the Balsa -> New menu would have only /one/ IMAP option 
(access a imap server/mailbox/whatever you want to call it).  Visible folders could be selected by 
(un)subscribing.  Might be easier for the user?


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