Re: Balsa font sizes screwed up in master

Hi Peter!

Am 24.11.16 00:51 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
OK--looks like the parse warnings came in around gtk version 3.22, and that earlier versions couldn't parse a 
size in points, so I've made the new code conditional on gtk version >= 3.22. With an earlier gtk version, 
the code should be functionally equivalent to the old approach. BTW, I added one decimal place to the point size 
in the new code, so that half-point or finer adjustments can be made.

I can confirm that master commit d0af94bb7babd84624d17ac16f2a194fea878812 works fine again for me.  BTW, I'm 
running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which comes with gtk+-3.0 3.18.9 - I guess I should have mentioned it earlier, 

Thanks a lot for fixing it so quickly!

OK, I'll add a colon to "Recipients", and left-justify all of the labels; I don't recall when or why they 
became centered, but you're right, it's ugly!

Yes, also looks better in current master, IMHO!


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