Re: [Patch] [Part 0/3] Support for Osmo address book

On 11/10/2016 11:01:00 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
On 2016.11.10 20:08, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 11/10/2016 07:25:15 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
It compiles just fine, and runs.  However, the import dialogs to read any of my existing files (vcard or 
ical) doesn't seem to have any way to see hidden (dot) files, so unless I rename or link .kde4 (or wherever I 
have those files) I can't import them.  Am I missing something in the dialog, or is it just something they 
never thought of?

??? On my box, the import dialog seems to want a CSV file--are we looking at the same thing?
The default filter for contacts does start as .csv, but even if you change the dropdown to all files, there is no way I 
can see for it to include "hidden" directories (starting with a dot).  That is (hopefully) simply some 
parameter they haven't passed to whatever actual file find dialog they are calling.  For finding a calendar file, the 
filter starts as .ics (I think) but again, the issue is not really the files, it's the folders, and all my contacts and 
calendar files are under ~/.kde4.

OK, yes...that looks like a GtkFileChooser, which has a set-show-hidden function that is not being used. 
Adding a toggle-button to show hidden files would be a nice UI touch.


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