[Patch 3/3] Easter 2016 patches: make OpenSSL mandatory

It is still possible to build Balsa without OpenSSL support.  While this was reasonable ~15 years ago when 
encryption was not yet popular, I don't think this is up-to date anymore.  In Germany, no mail provider 
offers an unencrypted access to POP3 or IMAP these days.  It may be different in other countries, but at 
least since Edward Snowden, everybody should use it if possible.  As *every* disto will ship with OpenSSL 
being installed by default, IMO it should be safe to *require* OpenSSL for building balsa.

The patch
- modifies the configure script accordingly,
- cleans up a lot of conditional compilation (which was controlled by /two/ macros, USE_TLS and USE_SSL, 
btw.) and
- replaces the custom md5 implementation by OpenSSL's.

Note that the files libbalsa/imap/md5-utils.[hc] can be removed.

I must admit that I could not really test the MD5 implementation change (I just verified in a different 
application that it doesn't produce leaks or other harm), but it's *really* straightforward...

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