Re: Balsa and libesmtp

Hi Peter:

Am 21.03.16 00:03 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
What I saw was at <URL:>--I don't actually know what was 
done, but I saw it as a sign of support for the code tree!

Well, that one is actually *really* old, about 6 years, and for libesmtp 1.0.4.  The latest version is 1.0.6.

If Brian Stafford doesn't re-appear (his name seems to be quite common; DuckDuckGo finds numerous hits, and 
LinkedIn has > 120 members with this name...), it might be an idea to fork the project, remove some strange 
things (like the custom strdup(), snprintf() etc. implementations), and to use glib for other things (like 
base64, maybe the hash table).

I guess this will be easier and more straightforward than replacing limesmtp completely, apart from the 
difficulties to find a library which supports /all/ features required by Balsa.  It's not really urgent IMHO, 
though, as the library seems to be quite solid.  The flaw I reported to the Balsa list in Saturday isn't 
really a show-stopper, but needs to be fixed when more and more MTA's disable TLSv1.0.  I guess there are 
more important things pending for Balsa itself...

What do you think?


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