Balsa Gtk3 GUI oddities

Hi all,

I noticed some odd behaviour when playing with the Gtk3 Balsa version --

(1) With the messages preview enabled, the messages list seems to shrink every time I open Balsa.  See the 
attached composed screen shot - between the 1st and 2nd, the message list shrunk by 30 pixels, between 2nd 
and 3rd by 28, and between 3rd and 4th by 27 pixels.  Very annoying!

(2) In the same screen shot, the Balsa mail box is open, with 922 messages.  After opening, the list is 
scrolled to somewhere in the middle (~ message 300).  It would be great if the last selected message is 
selected again, or if no message has been selected, the view is scrolled according to the sort column (this 
is what Thunderbird does).

(3) The tabs with open mailboxes are re-ordered when re-opening Balsa.  It would be great if the user could 
arrange the order, which would then be restored when balsa is opened again.

(4) I *think* I could assign custom hotkeys to menu actions (I have 'Del' for 'move message to trash' already 
hard-wired in my spinal cord, so I can erase messages without brain intervention).  Is that possible with 


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