Re: [RFC] Balsa coding style

Am 21.02.16 21:32 schrieb(en) Geoffrey Leach:
First: live with it, and suffer the consequences of difficult readability.

The risk is that the code gets *so* unreadable that coding errors slip through.  Some static analysis tools 
(like Flexelint) will issue a warning, btw, when the indentation is broken.

Second, choose a C formatter with a style base that permits enforcement, and go with that.

That's actually what I suggest...

In my experience, the second has advantages that outweigh the difficulties. Then again, I'm not the one who 
has to deal with the problems. :-)

Just running indent with proper settings recursively on the source tree creates a huge change set in git, but 
does not alter the code functionality itself.  So it is completely harmless.  Only someone has to decide that 
(a) it would eliminate some risks, so it's worth to do it and (b) run the command and commit the result...

Just my € 0.01...


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