[Patch] Crypto related bug fixes and some code improvements for Gtk3

Hi all,

the attached patch for Balsa's Gtk-3 branch contains a few fixes, message improvements and some code cleanups:

- Bug fixes: due to broken assignments in libbalsa_gpgme_init(), the callbacks for selecting a GnuPG key from 
a list or for accepting low-trust keys individually are never called.  When selecting a key, only the first 
subkey is checked, instead of all potential ones.
- Message improvements: When checking a GnuPG signed message where the key has expired, Balsa displays a "Signature could 
not be checked" error and an informational message containg the "real" result.  The patch removes the (wrong) 
former message.
- Code cleanups: change the return value of all crypto-related functions which return an essentially bool 
value to gboolean instead of (g)int, remove hacks for Emacs (still someone using it?) in header files which 
confuse almost all other tools, fix a few minor glitches, and remove a few unused statements.

Detailed description (all modified files come from libbalsa unless otherwise noted):
- libbalsa-gpgme.c: fix callback assignment bug, implement new function to verify all subkeys of a key
- rfc3156.c: remove confusing error message
- gmime-application-pkcs7.h, gmime-application-pkcs7.c, gmime-multipart-crypt.c, gmime-multipart-crypt.h, 
gmime-part-rfc2440.c, gmime-part-rfc2440.h, libbalsa-gpgme.c, libbalsa-gpgme.h: change function return types 
to gboolean
- rfc3156.c: used changed api
- gmime-gpgme-signature.h, gmime-multipart-crypt.h, gmime-part-rfc2440.h, libbalsa-gpgme.h: remove Emacs hack
- gmime-multipart-crypt.c: reorder statements to avoid duplicated ones (g_mime_gpgme_mps_sign)
- gmime-multipart-crypt.c, rfc3156.c: use error checking macro instead of cast
- libbalsa-gpgme.c: remove assignments of variables which are never used
- send.c, smtp-server.c, src/filter-edit-callbacks.c: remove unused statements

I *think* the patch should also be usable for Gtk2, btw.


Cheers, Albrecht.

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