yet another odd rendering issue

[apologies if this is a duplicate - I've been switching email addresses so sometimes send from the unsubscribed one]

Hello again,

I recently received an email with four "inline" images in the html portion. The first time I looked at it, it displayed the first image correctly, but then just the placeholders for the next three. When I went back to check again, it (and all attempts since) displayed the first image in all four places.

I also realize that very often, I only get image placeholders and not the actual images, when looking at the HTML version of messages. This is also true when I view the message in a browser.

My Balsa (2.5.1) is using Webkit-gtk3 (2.4.8) in case that is relevant.

The four img tags extracted from the middle of the html:
<img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba23837614c5" alt=3D"Inline image 1" width=3D"485" height=3D"254"> <img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba2c596f0c6b" alt=3D"Inline image 2" width=3D"485" height=3D"366"> <img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba3becda123d" alt=3D"Inline image 3" width=3D"485" height=3D"349"> <img src=3D"cid:ii_14c8ba4e91fcf21b" alt=3D"Inline image 4" width=3D"485" height=3D"340">

and the cid:: values are the Content-ID: values of the separate attachments/mime sections. However, I also noticed that Content-Disposition: inline; filename="image.png" is identical for all four images.

Any thoughts?


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