Re: apparently new odd behavior

Hi Jack,

On 05/07/2014 11:01:47 AM Wed, Jack wrote:
Good morning,

I recently started noticing an odd behavior in Balsa (2.5.1 on Gentoo Linux with kernel 3.12.13 and 
xorg-server 1.15.0).  The first time I click anywhere in a message, if there is a vertical scroll bar, the 
message scrolls up to just below the header area.   If I have all headers displayed, it scrolls up a little 
more than that (not past the end of the header, but more than the collapsed header would be).  This is 
annoying, because if I'm trying to click on a link, I'll miss it the first time, and on a few occasions, I've 
even clicked on a link I was not aiming for.

I'm seeing the same thing--can't recall when it began.  For a while I seemed to see it only in HTML parts, 
but I believe it also happens in text/plain parts.  But I never made the connection with scroll-bars--prolly 
they show up more in HTML parts.

Scrolling was substantially changed fairly recently, with no buttons and the new left-click behavior 
(absolute positioning instead of paging).  This quirk may date from the same changes.  We'd need a minimal 
test case to get any attention to a bug...


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