apparently new odd behavior

Good morning,

I recently started noticing an odd behavior in Balsa (2.5.1 on Gentoo Linux with kernel 3.12.13 and xorg-server 1.15.0). The first time I click anywhere in a message, if there is a vertical scroll bar, the message scrolls up to just below the header area. If I have all headers displayed, it scrolls up a little more than that (not past the end of the header, but more than the collapsed header would be). This is annoying, because if I'm trying to click on a link, I'll miss it the first time, and on a few occasions, I've even clicked on a link I was not aiming for.

I installed this version of Balsa last May, so I don't think it's Balsa itself, but some interaction with some underlying library. I'm just hoping someone on this list might either have some idea what the problem might be, or at least have a suggestion for troubleshooting.

Thanks for any ideas.


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