Re: Curious address

Hi Geoffrey,

That looks like the content of a "mailto:"; URL.  If you click on one in a browser window, Balsa should parse it and set 
up a compose window with recipient everything up to the first '?', and the subject and body set up as given (with the 
"%xx" triples properly decode, I believe).  Similarly, if Balsa is started at the command line with

balsa -m "mailto:customer...";

the initial compose window should be set up appropriately.

But if you copy and paste everything after "mailto:"; into the "To:" field, it's passed as is to GMime, which 
treats it as a comma-separated list of addresses, and passes back to Balsa a corresponding list of individual addresses, in this 
case just one.

I'm not sure where to find the definition of the syntax that this address violates--RFC 5322, perhaps.  I 
suppose Balsa could verify compliance, and try to guess what's wrong when it fails.  Thoughts, anyone?



On 01/08/2014 12:20:34 AM Wed, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Here's the beginning of an email address that was given by a site:

customercare259 ikea 

The mail was rejected: error 501 - recpt syntax error.  Perhaps not surprising.

So - who's at fault? The website for generating the address with the trailing junk, or Balsa for not 
translating the junk into something presentable? Or me for not editing the address - to what?
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