Re: Curious address

On 2014.01.08 00:20, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Here's the beginning of an email address that was given by a site:

customercare259 ikea 

The mail was rejected: error 501 - recpt syntax error. Perhaps not surprising.

So - who's at fault? The website for generating the address with the trailing junk, or Balsa for not translating the junk into something presentable? Or me for not editing the address - to what?

My best guess is that it's up to the browser to translate a mailto:// link into the proper call to the mail client. I can't find it now, but Firefox (or was it some underlying library?) has a way to configure it, along with the way to select which email client to use. I know for a long time, I was able to get it to call Balsa, but not handle (i.e., just drop) the ?subject= part. I finally managed to configure that, but I don't think I've ever seen a ?body= in such a link.

Bottom line - that extra stuff is not part of the address at all, but part of the mailto:// link. It might be nice if Balsa could parse it, but I'd consider that a wishlist enhancement, not a bug that it doesn't do it now.


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