Re: Cannot Read Mailbox

Hi John,

On 01/02/2014 04:39:44 AM Thu, John Frankish wrote:

Using balsa-2.5.1 with gtk3, I set up a pop3 account.

1. It took three attempts to download 300+ emails/6MB. The first two attempts hung at 90+ mails and only on the third 
attempt did the download succeed as per "balsa -d". There were no error messages.

2. After successfully downloading the mail, I clicked on "mailbox" to start reading my inbox, but the moving blue 
"wait" animation shows in the bottom left hand corner and no mails are displayed. Closing balsa and starting from the 
command line does not give any error messages and the contents of the inbox are still not displayed.

 As the 300+ emails have been deleted from the server, I would like to be able to fix this - does anybody 
have any trouble-shooting hints?

Is the mailbox file stored somewhere with slow access?  An mbox file of that size should be read from a local 
drive in a second or two at most.

Does 'top' show Balsa using 100% cpu?  If so, it may be stuck in a loop parsing the file; if not, it must be 
blocked from some action.  You could try running under gdb, interrupt it with ctrl-C, and get the stack trace 
with 'bt'--that might show what Balsa was trying to do.  Write back with what you see...



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