SMTP over port 465 with SSL

In Balsa 2.5.1 is it possible to connect to SMTP with port 465 with SSL? The IMAP setup has an SSL option which disables the TLS choices, but I do not see anything similar when setting up SMTP. I know that SMTP port 587 with STARTTLS is the standard-compliant way to connect (and that the mail server can be setup to only transmit if the TLS connection is established, and the same with IMAP port 143 STARTTLS vs IMAP port 993 SSL), but my mail service doesn't seem to support this yet. I have tried every combination I can come up with in the SMTP settings in Balsa, but nothing seems to work. I have been able to connect in every other email client I have used, so I don't think there is any problem with the server (other than supporting the latest standards, ha).

Also, when using the compose window in Balsa and typing in the To field, after hitting tab is takes you to another To field and you have to hit tab once or twice more to get to the Subject field. Is there any way to have the tab press after typing the first To address take you directly to the Subject field?

Thank you.

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