Feature request: easier opeartion in thread view.

Hello, everyone.

I am new to Balsa. I like it because it is very fast and lightweight. Thank
you very much for your work.

Just a small problem.

In thread view. If you click "Ctrl+L" to collapse all threads. This is very
clean for view large amount of mails.  But now the key "N" and "P" will go
to next and previous threads. If you want to view the replies, you have to
click the small triangles one by one. This is actually very slow operation.
The only fast way is to expand all the threads.

So i suggest add some extra keys would be better:

1. Besides "Ctrl+E" and "Ctrl-L" to expand and collapse all threads. Add
another two keys to expand and collapse the selected thread, for example "E"
and "L".

2. Besides "N" and "P" key to go next and previous thread, add another two
keys to go next and previous siblings inside thread, for example "J" and

Thank you very much again.

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