Headers in compose window

Dear List,

In the compose window, Balsa attempts to use the same font for the headers as is used to compose the text.  
In recent years, that has worked only for the subject line, because that is the only header whose widget is 
packed directly in a grid; the others are nested in other objects like combo-boxes and tree-views.

A recent change in Gtk (visible in version 3.8) has made it work for all the headers.  Apparently, the font 
is now set recursively on the nested widgets.  I was surprised to see the effect: the sans-serif, 
proportionally spaced, system default font that I was accustomed to has become the fixed width, 
typewriter-like, Monospace.  I use Monospace for message text, so that aligned text like indented code looks 
roughly correct.  But in headers it looks, I dunno, clunky.  To me, there's no obvious reason for overriding 
the system default.

Any thoughts?


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