Re: message display threading issues

Hi Jack,

On 05/02/2013 11:18:04 AM Thu, Jack wrote:
Good morning all,

I've posted before about threading issues (threaded display of messages, not compiling with/without threads) 
but I've noticed something much more frequently since upgrading to 2.5.1 with gtk3.  Unfortunately, I have 
not been able to figure out any pattern.  When I open a mailbox, sometimes the contents appear threaded, and 
sometimes not.  In the past, when this happened, just clicking on a column heading (twice, to end up in the 
same order I started) and it threads/indents correctly.  Now, it seems completely random, and clicking on any 
headers any amount of times only seems to cause a threaded display maybe 1 quarter of the time.  Closing and 
reopening balsa works a bit more consistently, but still not always.

My preferences are set to date for default sort column, JWZ for threading style, and expand threads on open IS checked. 
 One question - the preferences says "default threading style".  I know clicking on a column head can 
temporarily change the sort column and order, but is there something to temporarily change the threading style?

Alt+V, J should force rethreading.

At one time Balsa would rethread on every mailbox change, and it was intrusive, so it was decided to defer 
it; evidently, it's now deferred too long!  One issue is that it's difficult to rethread in a sub-thread 
because of the display interactions.  We need to revisit that.



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