Help file migration

Dear List,

In the gtk3 branch, Balsa's help system has been ported to Mallard <URL:>.  That 
changes it from a single book-like document to a linked set of topic pages.  There is no Table of Contents, but the 
root page (Help => User's Guide) has links to all the major sections; the text in each of those sections was taken 
largely verbatim from the current help file.

The existing help has extensive cross-references, and the new pages inherit all of them, which seems to be in the 
spirit of Mallard.  However, some pages are quite lengthy, whereas Mallard encourages "small and focused 

If you get a chance, please take a look at the new setup.  Check that any link that you depend on has 
survived the migration, and please give feedback about the overall feel.  There's a trade-off between the 
length of the pages and the number of links you have to click to get where you need to be, and it's certainly 

Thanks for all opinions!


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