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Hi Jack,

On May  1, 2013, at  3:17 PM, Jack wrote:
First - understand that I don't think balsa is doing anything wrong. I would just like to find a way to add a warning to myself that I'm replying to the list and not the sender - even if the list is set up otherwise. This is a yahoo-groups list, and the message includes the following apparently relevant headers (email is just 'x y z', address is '"human name" x y x':

From:     original senders address
Reply-To: list email
To:       list address
X-Sender: original authors email
Sender:   list email
Mailing-List: "list" list email"; contact " list owner email

OK--yeah, some lists insert a "Reply-To:" header to the list, though many users find it annoying <URL:>. I've tripped up and embarrassed myself with those, too. Perhaps Balsa should insert a little info-bar in the compose window, with just a "Close" button, saying something like

  You are replying to a message that contains a "Reply-To:" header,
  which was used to set the recipient.

That should be enough; however, a user who relies on that header might find the info-bar annoying :)


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