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Hi Jack,

On May  1, 2013, at 11:36 AM, Jack wrote:
I'm on a mailing list (one of many, but the only one where this seems to be a problem for me) where the default reply is to the list instead of to the sender. Most of the time, I want to reply to the sender, not the list, but have not been able to get my brain to remember to check the address before I send, so I usually get it wrong. Does anybody know of any way override the default reply-to for mailing list messages? Is it even possible? Is it worth filing a a wish-list.

In this particular case, there is a "Mailing-List:" header, but I do not see a "Reply-to:" header.

When you hit Reply, Balsa looks for the recipient first in the "Reply-to:" header, if any, and then the "From:" header (as indicated, though not mandated, by RFC 5322). If the offending list doesn't include the "Reply-to:" header, it must be putting itself in the "From:" header, instead of the originator. If it's possible to reply to the originator, the list must be including a "Cc:" header with the originator's address, is that right? What is the "To:" header?


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