Re: Outgoing message truncated at dot wrapped on single line

On Tue, 1/31/2012 4:54 AM, Carlos Franke wrote:
I cannot really comment on the technical details you mentioned; maybe someone else on the list will. If, however, I can assist in any way, testing maybe, I will be happy to help.
Like I said, there maybe a newer RFC with different logic. If someone points it out, I'll implement it and post an update to the list so you can test! :)
By the way, I was actually able to get used to doing that hack manually for every mail.
Sounds painful!
Wow, I did not nearly half expect that. I wonder on which way the word got passed from my not-so-popular blog to you.
Not quire sure, but I learned later that they didn't even use Balsa! But they were thinking about using it in the future, which may be why they searched for Lavabit + Balsa...

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