Re: Outgoing message truncated at dot wrapped on single line

I may have found a workaround for users, i. e. me: Put a tab character at the end of every paragraph that ends in a dot. (Ordinary whitespace does not work.) It will take some time to get used to that, though… As far as I can see, there is no way to automate this in Balsa by calling an external script (sed should do), or is there?

If any of you seriously wants to try find the exact source of the misbehaviour and maybe make Balsa compatible with Lavabit’s SMTP server, I am willing to run some more tests (with wireshark or whatever) and strip the results of any personal information, so that I can share them. The same goes for the logs of my previous tests. Otherwise, I will probably just make a blog post about it and hope that someone on the internet knows how to pass it on to the Lavabit developer team.

> I wasn't clear if the problematic message was via balsa or mail-file-so.
Sorry, that one (headers repeating at the end of the body) was with mail-file-so.

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