Re: Outgoing message truncated at dot wrapped on single line

On 25/10/11 23:12:37, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Brian and Carlos,
> On 10/25/2011 11:53:11 AM Tue, Brian Stafford wrote:
> > Perhaps the following background information will help.
> > 
> > Headers repeating at the end of the body is indicative of unix line
> > endings instead of cr-lf in the message supplied to libesmtp, so it
> is
> > worth checking this.
> Balsa uses a GMime CRLF filter to convert \n to cr-lf, so that
> shouldn't be an issue with any message passed from Balsa to libesmtp. 
> The filter has an option to dot-stuff any line beginning with '.',
> which Balsa does /not/ use, relying instead on libesmtp.

Agreed.  I've used Balsa for years with no problems in that regard.  
mail-file-so on the other hand probably has the --crlf option's default 
the wrong way round, making this a trap for the unwary.  I wasn't clear 
if the problematic message was via balsa or mail-file-so.

> Since the issue arises only with one server, it seems more likely 
> that
> their software confuses itself, perhaps by decoding the dot-stuffing
> and only later checking for the terminating line.  If that's the 
> case,
> it's not clear how Balsa can set up a message so that it could never
> be misread.

Agreed again unfortunately. I can't think of a way to construct things 
otherwise to work round this one.  Tracing a session with the server 
using Wireshark might shed more light than strace, just now I'm out of 


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