Re: Opening mailboxes from the command line


> Opening a mailbox means getting information about its messages from the mail-store (disk, IMAP server, whatever), and Balsa generally defers that until the first time you select it (for a faster startup).  Once it's open, Balsa keeps the info, so it can switch to it faster if you select another mailbox and then reselect the first one.  There's also a pref checkbox Startup: Remember open mailboxes, which makes Balsa save the list of mailboxes that are open when you quit, and reopen them at next startup; that makes for a slower startup, but faster switching when you select one of them.

OK, so opening mailboxes on the command line as of Balsa 2.4.10 is just an optimization feature.

> Well, perhaps it should have been -s for 'select' instead of -o for 'open'...but -s is already taken, for 'stats', so it couldn't be it'll probably always be -o now.  BTW, an undocumented option is a semicolon-separated list of mailboxes after -o.  Probably best to have the first in the list showing when they've all been opened?

I would probably expect it to be the last, but it doesn't really matter for the use case I have in mind, where only one mailbox would ever be specified.

For each project I am working on, I have a project directory in my file system and a mailbox with the same name in my mailbox hierarchy. I want to write a shell script that pops up my project-specific mailbox based on the current working directory.

I'll try to build from the Git repository and see how your latest patch works for me!


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