Re: Opening mailboxes from the command line

On 2011.10.22 07:46, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 10/22/2011 02:05:41 AM Sat, Konrad Hinsen wrote:

The change in '-o' behavior stems from around commit 6412f6aa5ddaf3e9ea598c98fa1e7d0ff3fef3e5 We added some code to ensure that the mailbox that's selected when Balsa closes is reselected when Balsa is restarted; that wasn't previously the case: all open mailboxes were remembered and reopened, but the mailbox that was selected on reopening was usually not the one that was selected on closing.
I vaguely recall that discussion. Prior to that change, the order of opening mailboxes and the one selected was not predictable - at least not by the casual user, and the change made things more as expected by the casual user.

So what exactly does "opening" a mailbox mean? I thought it was the same as selecting it. I don't see operations for opening or closing mailboxes, just adding/removing and selecting.

Opening a mailbox means getting information about its messages from the mail-store (disk, IMAP server, whatever), and Balsa generally defers that until the first time you select it (for a faster startup). Once it's open, Balsa keeps the info, so it can switch to it faster if you select another mailbox and then reselect the first one. There's also a pref checkbox Startup: Remember open mailboxes, which makes Balsa save the list of mailboxes that are open when you quit, and reopen them at next startup; that makes for a slower startup, but faster switching when you select one of them.

If opening and selecting are distinct operations, one solution would be to introduce a command line option for selecting rather than opening a specific mailbox.

Well, perhaps it should have been -s for 'select' instead of -o for 'open'...but -s is already taken, for 'stats', so it couldn't be it'll probably always be -o now. BTW, an undocumented option is a semicolon-separated list of mailboxes after -o. Probably best to have the first in the list showing when they've all been opened?

Since multiple mailboxes can be open at the same time, but only one can be selected, can we look at all this as how to determine which of several open mailboxes is selected when Balsa starts up? I'll propose that the first one specified on the command line by -o is selected otherwise it is the one selected when Balsa last closed. However, if more than one -o is allowed on the command line, I can see the code being easier to select the last one rather than the first.

I'll be glad to log this as an enhancement request, if the developers think it will help track it.


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