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Hi Konrad,

On 10/20/2011 01:05:46 PM Thu, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
On 20 Oct, 2011, at 18:55 , Jack wrote:

>> Thanks for your reply!  This sounds like the opposite of what should happen, right?
> Well - to be picky, -o says open mailbox, not select mailbox, although it would make sense to select a mailbox if you explicitly say to open it.

What would "open" possibly mean other than show/select it? All the mailboxes are always sitting there anyway.

> I'm not sure I would expect balsa to try to open a mailbox it doesn't know exists.

Me neither. I discovered by accident that it works in 2.4.1. I'd be perfectly happy being able to open previously added mailboxes. But then I don't really see the point of specifying an URI, a name would be sufficient. Anyway, I won't complain about any idiosyncracies if it just works ;-)

> Unless one of the developers can think of what commit might have caused this change in behavior, it might take a bisection approach to identify it.

Or I just use 2.4.1 until I hit a serious bug...

The change in '-o' behavior stems from around commit 6412f6aa5ddaf3e9ea598c98fa1e7d0ff3fef3e5

We added some code to ensure that the mailbox that's selected when Balsa closes is reselected when Balsa is restarted; that wasn't previously the case: all open mailboxes were remembered and reopened, but the mailbox that was selected on reopening was usually not the one that was selected on closing.  See <URL:> and the resulting thread for the discussion that led to the changes.

According to the ChangeLog, one change was to respect the current-mailbox-url even when -o was used.  I don't recall the exact reasoning that led to it, but it seems to have been a conscious decision.  However, it may have been a bad one.  Fixing it, to ignore the current-mailbox-url when -o is used, should be possible--currently testing a fix.



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