Re: Opening mailboxes from the command line


The change in '-o' behavior stems from around commit 6412f6aa5ddaf3e9ea598c98fa1e7d0ff3fef3e5

Thanks for looking into this!

We added some code to ensure that the mailbox that's selected when Balsa closes is reselected when Balsa is restarted; that wasn't previously the case: all open mailboxes were remembered and reopened, but the mailbox that was selected on reopening was usually not the one that was selected on closing.

So what exactly does "opening" a mailbox mean? I thought it was the same as selecting it. I don't see operations for opening or closing mailboxes, just adding/removing and selecting.

According to the ChangeLog, one change was to respect the current- mailbox-url even when -o was used. I don't recall the exact reasoning that led to it, but it seems to have been a conscious decision. However, it may have been a bad one. Fixing it, to ignore the current-mailbox-url when -o is used, should be possible-- currently testing a fix.

If opening and selecting are distinct operations, one solution would be to introduce a command line option for selecting rather than opening a specific mailbox.


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