Re: Address book interface?

On 2011.06.15 18:20, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Sigh. It's not in the "Message" menu, but is there as "Store Address" in the message list. Many thanks.

On 06/15/2011 12:59:03 PM, Jack wrote:
> On 2011.06.15 13:40, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Does Balsa provide an interface for adding 'To" or 'From' from an email?
> >
> > I have no problem _accessing_ addresses in my default address book.
Does the "store address" command do what you want? It's under the "Message" menu, or in the pop up menu from right-clicking on the message in the message list pane. It has a tab for each address in the message header, which you can edit before saving.
Odd. It's the last item on the "Message" menu, after "Move to trash" and "Toggle flag." I'm on 2.4.8 (I've got to find out why Gentoo doesn't have anything newer yet...) but now I'm curious why it's not on your "Message" menu.

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