ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.4.10 released

Hello everybody,

balsa-2.4.10 has just been released. It comes with some bugs fixed and minor extensions added:

- preserve identity order.
- trivial gtkhtml-3.15 support.
- improve interaction with unique.
- bugs fixed #636801, #636805, #647695.

You can download balsa-2.4.10 directly from

$ sha256sum balsa-2.4.10.tar.bz2
8b8c1e4fff5ad00dc9f2a311c162486ccce3e1f4cb003669869f2a43620d5895 balsa-2.4.8.tar.bz2
$ sha1sum balsa-2.4.10.tar.bz2
dc89753e375676242f5079188651e03822003d28  balsa-2.4.8.tar.bz2
$ md5sum balsa-2.4.10.tar.bz2
fa2b7cb9d248912ac2e3dcc08cd6aa5b  balsa-2.4.8.tar.bz2

Happy mailing!

On behalf of Balsa team,


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