Bug#630263: balsa: Please transition to libnotify 0.7

Source: balsa
Version: 2.4.1-1
Severity: important
User: pkg-gnome-maintainers lists alioth debian org
Usertags: libnotify0.7-transition


We are planning to transition[0] libnotify to version 0.7 which
breaks its API.

Unfortunately, after a rebuild it seems that your package FTBFS with
the newer version.

Packages of the 0.7 version can be currently found in experimental.

API changes (shamelessly taken from[1]):
notify_notification_new_with_status_icon is gone
notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon is gone
notify_notification_attach_to_widget is gone
notify_notification_set_geometry_hints is gone
notify_notification_new has lost its widget argument

All rebuild logs can be found at:


Laurent Bigonville

[0] http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/libnotify.html
[1] http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-November/144914.html 

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