Re: Bug - invalid splitting of emails

Hi Helmut,

On 02/11/2011 03:17:33 AM Fri, Helmut Jarausch wrote:

there is an annoying bug in Balsa (GIT).
If a message contains a line beginning with


it splits the message into the first part and a second part which is
shown as 'unknown'.
I have attached such an email (gzipped to prevent any processing).

Many thanks for looking into this,

The file that you attached is in "mbox" format--the first line begins "From ", and is not part of the original (RFC2822) message, but was inserted by whatever agent delivered it.  Unfortunately, the message content includes a similar line, and any mbox-parser will see that as the corresponding line announcing a second message.  A delivery agent is supposed to check for any such line, and mangle it, for instance by encoding the message content as quoted-printable, and replacing the "F" by "=46".  Some agents just quote the line as ">From".  Evidently, the message was not mangled, and the file is then mis-parsed by Balsa.

When Balsa delivers a message to an mbox-type mailbox, it handles the problem a little differently, depending on whether it is linked with GMime-2.4 or 2.6.  However, in both cases it attempts to mangle From_ lines so that the mailbox file is parsed correctly.  If Balsa delivered that message, we definitely have a bug!



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