Re: Switching mailboxes

On 2010.07.10 13:04, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 07/10/2010 11:28:59 AM, Jack wrote:
[ snip ]
However, what about the possibility of dividing all the options into basic and advanced, default to only displaying the basic ones, and having a button on the options page to display advanced or all options? (I believe VLC has something like this.)

Yes, that could make it more approachable. What criteria should we use to characterize "advanced" options?

Too bad it isn't easy to get statistics on actual usage - how many users change which options how often. Anyway - that's the sort of logic I'd use - not so much basic vs. advanced, but likely to be needed vs. more obscure for less common situations. It may not help greatly, but it's a context in which to think about it, at least.

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