Switching mailboxes

Hi All!

A recent bug[1] relates to Balsa's practice of automatically switching to another mailbox when you ask for the next unread message and the current mailbox has no more unread messages. When that feature was added, code was included for popping up a dialog asking for confirmation that you really want Balsa to make the switch, but it seemed intrusive and has always been commented out.

The reporter asks for a preferences option to enable the confirmation dialog. It could be added to the "Main window" group on the "Display options" page, perhaps:

[ ] Ask me before switching to another mailbox to show an unread message.

But Balsa already offers a plethora of options, presumably intimidating to a new user. Is the current practice annoying, and sufficiently so to make installing the option worthwhile?

Thanks for any thoughts!


[1] <URL:https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=620221>

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