Re: attachments associations

On 2010.07.08 03:33, Jean-Luc Coulon wrote:
Le 08/07/2010 08:20, Ildar Mulyukov a écrit :
> On 08.07.2010 11:32:33, Paweł Sałek wrote:
>> On 07/08/2010 06:11:36 AM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
This doesn't imply Balsa can't handle such situations in more intelligent way.
We certainly would like that! But... What would that more intelligent way be?
Not sure that the right way is to do it with Balsa. I see two flaws:
1. MIME type library detects the file to be "application/x-ole-storage" though everywhere else it is shown as "application/msword".
It is not detected this way while the message is received but when it is composed.
This is the important point. Neither balsa nor the mime library is detecting anything. They are using the mime type indicated in the email. It is the sender that sets this. I don't know windows well enough, but I certainly believe Mark's assessment that it is due to Windows drag-and-drop.

It would be possible, but probably not reasonable, for balsa to save the file and run the "file" command on it, but this might be OS specific.

2. NO straight way to associate the detected type with something useful. Just a little hack to workaround the problem.
First, associating mime types with apps is usually up to the environment/window manager (gnome, kde, ...). In addition, if you point a too general mime-type to a specific app, you will have a problem whenyou receive a different type of file with the same mime-type (such as .xls instead of .doc)


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