Gtk3 branch

Hi All,

Happy New Year!

Here's an early New Year's gift: a branch in the git repository for building with the forthcoming Gtk3.

git checkout gtk3

The versions of Gtk and Glib that you need are currently in the unstable series, but "entering its API/feature freeze phase": gtk3-2.91.5, glib2-2.27.4.  I installed them, and now can no longer build the master tree--jhbuild is probably a better solution, but I couldn't get it built.

You'll also need webkitgtk3 and gtksourceview3, if you want to build with them.  Webkit is the only working HTML backend--GtkHtml-2 and -3 will need some patching.  Also, GtkSpell is currently unavailable; Balsa will build with it, but fails to run because of mixing Gtk-2 and -3 symbols.

There are probably a lot of other issues--it's been tested in only a couple of configurations--testing, bug reports, and patches are all welcome!

Happy testing!


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