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On 12/29/2010 10:08:51 AM Wed, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi All,

Happy New Year!

Here's an early New Year's gift: a branch in the git repository for building with the forthcoming Gtk3.

git checkout gtk3

Umm--OK, that should have been:

git checkout -b gtk3 origin/gtk3

If that fails, you may need first to update your local git repository:

git remote update origin

Then check that you can see the gtk3 branch:

git branch -r

The list should now contain "gtk3", and the checkout should succeed.

The versions of Gtk and Glib that you need are currently in the unstable series, but "entering its API/feature freeze phase": gtk3-2.91.5, glib2-2.27.4.  I installed them, and now can no longer build the master tree--jhbuild is probably a better solution, but I couldn't get it built.

You'll also need webkitgtk3 and gtksourceview3, if you want to build with them.  Webkit is the only working HTML backend--GtkHtml-2 and -3 will need some patching.  Also, GtkSpell is currently unavailable; Balsa will build with it, but fails to run because of mixing Gtk-2 and -3 symbols.

There are probably a lot of other issues--it's been tested in only a couple of configurations--testing, bug reports, and patches are all welcome!

I should have mentioned: this is an experimental version.  It may fail to build, or build and fail to run, or build and run and eat all your mailboxes--use at your own risk!  Backup frequently!!

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