Re: odd behavior on closing mailbox

On 2010.12.03 14:12, Paweł Sałek wrote:
On 12/03/2010 08:08:20 PM, Jack wrote:
On 2010.11.30 16:48, Jack wrote:
I do not hide deleted messages, and I do have "Expunge deleted messages when mailbox is closed" checked. Normally, this works as expected. However, if I have a new compose message window open, then deleted messages are not expunged when I close a mailbox (tested mostly with inbox).

This is not particularly important, but it definitely made me scratch my head.

Even stranger is that I just discovered that this ONLY happens for the inbox. Other mailboxes do expunge deleted messages on close, even if there is a compose new message window open.

Can it be inbox locking issue? Does anything get printed in the terminal window?

Why does reporting a problem seem to fix it so often? I just tried running both from icon and from console, and now it works as expected. If it happens again, I'll try to duplicate running from console. Very strange.

Sorry for the noise.


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