Re: Startup strangeness

On 2009.09.24 07:33, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 09/23/2009 01:58:55 PM Wed, Jack wrote:
[ snip ]
Terminal shows:
  bw_notebook_switch_page_cb from  to file:///var/mail/jack
  balsa_window_real_close_mbnode from file:///var/mail/jack to NULL
  config_save saving CurrentMailboxURL = (null)
which shows opening the inbox and then it seems something is forgetting the current mailbox before saving it when I exit (either with File/Quit or just closing the window).

OK, I see that now! I'd been testing those changes with an IMAP mailbox open, and closing that seems to take long enough that the config gets saved before CurrentMailboxURL gets cleared. If the IMAP mailbox isn't open when I quit, it happens in the order you've been seeing.

I just removed the two lines that clear CurrentMailboxURL when the last mailbox is closed. If no mailbox was open when Balsa was closed, no mailbox is opened on startup (unless "open inbox" is checked, of course).

Thanks for staying with this!

I only have local mbox and maildir mailboxes, so everything happens pretty quickly for me.

Thanks for being puzzled enough to track it down.

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