Re: Startup strangeness

On 2009.09.22 19:53, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 09/22/2009 07:07:51 PM Tue, Jack wrote:
[snipped most]

I wonder if I would find anything by running balsa under a debugger, and putting a trace on balsa_app.current_mailbox_url.

Yes, that would be really helpful! It /should/ be set each time you select a new mailbox, and then saved in the config file on exit. If you apply the attached patch, it should save you the trouble--it'll record changes on the console, and also the value that gets saved to the config file. It also fixes the "open inbox on startup" oversight and puts mailboxes listed with "-o" on the same footing as remembered open mailboxes, which might fix some of the issues you're seeing.

Thanks for helping out with this one!

Patch applied with no problems. Calling balsa from command line with no options or parameters first gives a popup 'Couldn't open mailbox ""', which I suppose is due to the "CurrentMailboxURL=".

Terminal shows:
  bw_notebook_switch_page_cb from  to file:///var/mail/jack
  balsa_window_real_close_mbnode from file:///var/mail/jack to NULL
  config_save saving CurrentMailboxURL = (null)
which shows opening the inbox and then it seems something is forgetting the current mailbox before saving it when I exit (either with File/Quit or just closing the window).


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