Re: Startup strangeness

On Sep 23, 2009, at  1:58 PM, Jack wrote:
[snipped more]
Patch applied with no problems. Calling balsa from command line with no options or parameters first gives a popup 'Couldn't open mailbox ""', which I suppose is due to the "CurrentMailboxURL=".

Yes--shoulda skipped that when it's missing!

Terminal shows:
  bw_notebook_switch_page_cb from  to file:///var/mail/jack
  balsa_window_real_close_mbnode from file:///var/mail/jack to NULL
  config_save saving CurrentMailboxURL = (null)
which shows opening the inbox and then it seems something is forgetting the current mailbox before saving it when I exit (either with File/Quit or just closing the window).

So the last two lines appear when you exit? Somehow the processes involved in exiting seem to be carried out in a different order on your box from mine.

A simple fix would be to remove the code that clears balsa_app.current_mailbox_url in balsa_window_real_close_mbnode, although that would mean a small change in behavior: on restart, Balsa would show the last mailbox used, even if the user had closed them all before exiting--but that could always be documented as a design decision!


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